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What do Sober Living Homes Offer?

Those who live in Wise Path Recovery Centers ‘ structured Sober Living Homes will have access to all the resources within the community, under supervision of our supportive house managers. The program is meant for men 18 years and older who have substance use disorders and who come from the criminal justice system.

In addition to structure,


Be required to attend recovery meetings


Attend weekly house meetings with therapeutic community and house managers


Access to peer-led accountability


Attend life skills training

What to Expect During your Stay

 Wise Path Recovery Centers  has curated their Sober Living Home (SLH) programs to provide manageable and effective transitional living environments. Residents find that some of the greatest benefits of residing in a sober homes are safety, shared goals and vision, unity and camaraderie, according to research

A Look into our Facility

Our Wise Path Recovery Centers  are based in Columbus, Indiana. Our homes employ a unique staffing model that offers large office space with dedicated offices for therapists and counselors.

Some of the features of our facility include: an alcohol and drug-free living environment for people in recovery; regular house meetings and 12-step meetings; assistance arranging transportation for mental health and primary care visits; and sober-friendly social activities.

sober living homes
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