About Wise Path Recovery Centers


Why Wise Path Recovery Centers ?

Wise Path Recovery Centers , managed by Ascension Recovery Services, provides innovative substance use disorder services through the development of accessible treatment centers to those in need.  We use an individualized, person-centered approach while engaging with collaborative community partners to ensure the full continuum of care. Our goal is to eliminate gaps in treatment and assist people to engage in a healthy, purposeful, and fulfilling life.


Our Approach

Wise Path Recovery Centers (WPRC) rose from the desire to combat the ongoing substance use disorder epidemic and co-occurring mental health issues in the United States. As numbers rise, Wise Path Recovery feels inspired to create places that offer the services so many need. We recognize the obstacles that many face when trying to obtain these services such as financial needs and accessibility. Wise Path Recovery Centers , managed by Ascension Recovery Services, strives to create treatment centers and sober living homes that address these obstacles.

Wise Path Recovery Centers will be opening several treatment centers and sober living homes, each offering unique services to address what is needed most in their communities. Wise Path is actively working to expand their network to battle SUDs nationwide, opening in places directly impacted by substance use disorders, financial inequality, and limited access to treatment. WPRC has developed and continues to develop meaningful relationships with partners, insurance agencies, and other resources to offer affordable care and to be able to help as many people as they can.

“To affect real change, our model is to treat the whole person by addressing SUD and co-occurring mental and physical disorders, as well as addressing the social determinants of health for our patients” says Douglas Leech, Founder & CEO of Ascension Recovery Services.

We also prioritize utilizing scientific, evidence-based treatment programs and methods. The statistics show these methods have higher success rates of continued abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. At Wise Path Recovery Centers , each patient gets individualized care that meets their specific needs from a highly trained team- whether they’re in inpatient or outpatient care.

Our professional staff are not only highly qualified in education and experience to offer our patients the best treatment available, but they are also passionate and dedicated to seeing our patients in life-long recovery and help teach about addiction recovery. Many of our team members are in life-long recovery and are able to relate and engage with clients in an understanding and compassionate manner.

One of Wise Path Recovery Centers ’ pillars is to make recovery services accessible. Our billing department and staff work with you and your insurance company to determine a financial plan that makes treatment as affordable as possible. Patient aid may also be available to those who qualify to help cover costs.

Wise Path Recovery Centers is managed and lead by an experiences team in behavioral health and addiction treatment known as Ascension Recovery Services (ARS). ARS provides innovative substance use disorder services through the development of accessible treatment centers to those in need. We focus on addressing addiction problems from all angles, through leadership, advocacy, financial accessibility, best practices, research, education, and equity.


We incorporate care that is:


We take an evidence-based approach to ensure the safety and quality of our programs. Our scientifically proven and evidence-based addiction treatment programs are built on years of meticulous scientific research, and our standardized practices have been clinically proven to aid in restoring the lives of our clients and their families.


Our holistic approach is what sets us apart from other facilities. Our therapists utilize a multidimensional treatment that addresses the mind, body, spirit, and emotions of the individual, while taking into account the family system.

& Individualized

We offer individualized care for your recovery journey. We have the means to adjust any program to accommodate individual needs and preferences. Our licensed professional staff of therapists can build you a highly individualized treatment plan. This plan helps patients in achieving their sobriety goals.

Our Partner

Ascension Recovery Services logo

Ascension Recovery Services (Ascension RS) designs, develops, and manages these programs.  Ascension RS is the industry leader in developing and managing comprehensive, fully integrated behavioral health systems. They treat substance use disorders (SUD) and co-occurring disorders across the full continuum of care.  The Ascension RS’ mission is to expand access to care around the country for all who need treatment, regardless of insurance type of ability to pay.



 Call us at 866-860-9772 for more information on our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.  We will complete a prescreen to assess your needs and work to help you find the most appropriate, individualized treatment options.

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